Greening the Chihuahuan Desert

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Author: Alejandro Carrillo 

The footage of this video was taken last month at the end of the rainy season in the Chihuahuan Desert, the largest desert of North America. This video depicts a “greener” area in the middle of the desert – that is how is used to be decades ago with lush grasslands and plenty of wildlife. This “greener” area is a ranch managed under Holistic planned grazing. No need for machinery, no need for seeding, no need for fertilizers, no need to deforest. Just keep cattle moving, as the bison and antelope did before. On the other side, the eroded, bare grounds shown on the video are neighboring areas using continuous grazing.

We are restoring the former grasslands that existed before while making this land productive using our cattle, thus giving hope to the people living there, to the wildlife, to the native grasses and plants, to the microorganisms. It is a win-win approach to clean the air, cover the soil, prevent erosion, sequester carbon, recharge the aquifers, protect and promote the biodiversity, and produce nutritional-dense food on a regenerative way.

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