These Indian Designers Are Showing the World That Fashion Can Be Eco-friendly, Ethical & Sustainable

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Author: Sohini Dey | Published: February 21, 2017 

Have you ever wondered where your outfits comes from? Are they made in factories or sweatshops? How much of the garments’ price make it to the artisans? And, what happens to discarded clothes? Clothing may be a basic need for human beings, but in the midst of a fast fashion culture, the industry has come to display serious consequences for the population and the planet.

Consider this: the fashion industry is the second-largest pollutant in the world, right behind oil. The cotton industry thrives on optimizing production with pesticides, and statistics have suggested that up to 20,000 litres of water can be consumed to produce a single pair of jeans. Add to that the effects of chemicals in synthetic clothing, diminishing crafts and toxic detergents, and we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of consumption and waste.

With consumers becoming more socially conscious, new-age Indian labels are spinning new yarns in design. Designers now incorporate fair-trade practices, recycling and upcycling, and collaborate with craftspersons in design to bring a sense of accountability in their creations.


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