Chickens Thrive in This Perennial Crop System

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Author: Justin Rhodes | Published: July 19, 2017 

At Main Street Project chickens are the center of a regenerative agriculture system that can change how food is produced around the world. In this short video Justin Rhodes learns the basics of Mainstreet’s poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system. 

Main Street Project is developing an alternative food system to reverse the destructive trends of industrial agriculture. With a solid foundation of ecological, economic, and social principles, we ensure that our farms and the regional economies that grow around them serve the entire community. We know that for this model to take root, it must:

  • Compete in the market on quality and price
  • Be accessible to new and established farmers
  • Harness market forces to increase capacity and resilience

As expansion of the system leads to significant regional market share, and that expansion is repeated in other regions and other countries, a new model emerges that is capable of challenging the dominance of industrial food and agriculture. We provide consumers with what they want and need – good, healthy food – through a humane poultry-based production model that is profitable for farmers and fair to workers, restorative for rural communities, and regenerative for the environment.


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