Regenerative Returns

Regenerative agriculture can take carbon out of the atmosphere and replace it in the soil Soon consumers will be able to link their eating habits to food, and fashion habits to clothing, that is specifically designed to reverse climate change. Consumers need not wait for their government to take action; their everyday purchasing habits can ‘fix’ the largest problem facing humanity today.

Grass-Fed Beef and Black Locust: 30 Years of Silvopasture

Published: January 18, 2017In Watkins Glen, New York, 45 minutes from Ithaca, is Angus Glen Farm. Here, the Chedzoy Family runs 100 head of cattle over 310 acres of pasture and silvopasture. Silvopasture is defined as the integration of grazing animals into an existing forest, and/or the establishment of tree rows on grazing land. Brett Chedzoy, in addition to working with Cornell Extension, manages the land’s beef herd and forestry enterprises. Brett’s background is in forestry, but he is both a forester and a grazier.