Regenerative Movement Emerging in Uruguayan Pampas

A grasslands and livestock heaven, the Pampas of Argentina and Uruguay have always been a key economic driver of these countries. With this invaluable gift of nature comes a culture of deep connection to and knowledge of the land and its plants and animals, as well as unmatched land and livestock management skills of gauchos, landowners, and scientists.

Regenerative Wool Shaking Up the Textile Industry

When the sheep are managed properly they can play an amazing role in sequestering carbon, restoring watersheds, restoring wildlife habitat and reversing climate change. Savory’s ecological outcome verification is quantifying that positive impact across landscapes and helping brands access wool from lands that are verifiably regenerating.

Savory Institute Ignites Consumer Revolution

Addressing the true cost of fast-food and fast-fashion, Savory’s Land to Market is a grassroots and collaborative program designed to create a market and production system for products that regenerate land and human health. Savory’s program will equip and support producers while providing brands and consumers with an efficient and transparent mechanism to guide their purchases of regenerative food and fiber items.