Qu’est ce que l’agriculture régénératrice?

« L’Agriculture régénératrice » décrit l’ensemble des méthodes d’agriculture et de paissance qui, entre autres bienfaits, aident à inverser les changements climatiques en reconstituant la matière organique et en restaurant la biodiversité d’un sol dégradé. Cela résulte dans la capture du carbone dans le sol et dans améliorant du cycle de l’eau.

Companies, NGOs and Scientists Come Together Behind New Definition For “Regenerative Agriculture”

Representatives from over 100 countries, including virtually all areas of food production, manufacturing, retailing and soil science have, for the first time, come together on a unified definition for the quickly emerging “Regenerative” approach to growing food that has been shown to provide multiple benefits to food security, health, and climate change.

Nature Wants Her Carbon Back

Here’s a little known fact about climate change: According to NOAA, if we could magically cut all current CO2 emissions worldwide to zero today (a feat even Merlin couldn’t achieve) it would do nothing to stop climate change from continuing to get worse for centuries. Unless we actually draw some of the carbon already emitted back down to earth we are simply telling a 400-pound patient to gain weight a little more slowly.