The Dirty Secret About Your Clothes

A new crop of small businesses are investing in organic farming, natural dyes and a transparent supply chain that encourages shoppers to consider more eco-friendly alternatives. These products are sold online and in a small, but growing number of U.S. stores.

The Weather Matters a Lot to Farmers — and It’s Shaped by the Climate. Will Sonny Perdue Get That?

President Trump has nominated Sonny Perdue, the former governor of Georgia, to be his secretary of agriculture. It’s a wide-ranging position at the head of a vast department, but one immediate question is where Perdue will stand on a number of environmental initiatives launched under the leadership of former secretary Tom Vilsack, who focused attention on the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions from farming and, simultaneously, to prepare the agricultural community itself for a changing climate.

The enormous threat to America’s last grasslands

North Dakota’s researchers are tallying the ecological cost of the state’s recent economic boom and warn that the ecosystem could be nearing a tipping point as corn and soybeans continue their march north into the last vast stretches of prairie pothole grassland in the eastern Dakotas — more than 90 percent of which is privately owned.