¿Qué tipo de futuro en la alimentación y la agricultura?

¿Cuál es el camino seguro de la alimentación? Cómo es que la ambición de la Industria Alimentaria envenena cada vez más a la humanidad, exclavisándonos al modelo alimenticio superficial. Vandana Shiva habla en éste artículo sobre el verdadero significado de nuestra comida.

Sign the Pact for the Earth – Terra Viva – A people’s pact to protect the planet and each other

Humanity stands at the edge of an abyss. We have destroyed the planet, it’s biodiversity, water and the climate, and through this destruction, the ecological context for our survival as a species. Ecological destruction and resource grab are generating conflicts, which are being accelerated into full blown wars and violence. A context of fear and hate is overtaking the human imagination. We need to sow the seeds of peace -peace with the earth and each other, and in so doing, create hope for our future – as one humanity and as part of one Earth community.

We don’t need Ketchum in our Mustard

“There is a violent contest between real knowledge and propaganda, real food and the toxic commodities of industrial agriculture. Commodities being served up with a side of propaganda from a dispenser. Propaganda and this fake food rely on distancing – the producer from the consumer, the knowledge from the farmer – and distancing us from the ability to tell real food from the fake.”