Cowgirl Camp | Washington, USA


Date(s): 08/27/2018 - 08/31/2018
Time: All Day

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Thinking about a career in agriculture? New Cowgirl Camp gives you a leg up.
Dates: May 28-June 1 and August 27-31, 2018
Location: Lazy R Ranch, Cheney, Washington

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New Cowgirl Camp is a five-day intensive course for forward-thinking women who are interested in becoming farmers or ranchers. You will learn new skills and discover a holistic approach to farming, life, and land management.

New Cowgirl Camp is Led by a Team of Seasoned Pros
Your camp leaders for this retreat-style hands-on camp are Sandra Matheson, DVM, and Beth Robinette, MBA, Sustainable Business, of the Roots of Resilience team. Both are life-long ranchers, ranch owners, entrepreneurs, and accredited Holistic Management professionals. Beth, a Millennial, and Sandra, a Baby Boomer, bring generation-spanning perspectives.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Modern Ranching But Didn’t Know Who To Ask
Maybe you have been dreaming of a career in agriculture, but you did not grow up in a farming or ranching family. It can be hard to know where to start. At New Cowgirl Camp you will be learning from lifelong ranchers and seasoned professionals. No question is too basic or too advanced.

Cowgirl Camp curriculum includes:

Basic farm skills, fencing, and facilities
Animal husbandry and low-stress animal handling techniques
Raising and working with horses
Managing your farm or ranch for resilience
Relationship building
Farm business management
Leadership and creating positive change
Working in the field of agriculture and seeking opportunities
Should You Sign Up for New Cowgirl Camp?
If you—

Are considering a career in agriculture, but aren’t sure where to start;
Have taken ag-related classes, and now want practical experience;
Are thinking about a career change to agriculture from another field; or
Are just curious about farming or ranching life;
New Cowgirl Camp is for you.

At New Cowgirl Camp you’ll learn about ranching heritage and traditions from a fourth-generation rancher. And you’ll learn about current, science-based regenerative practices that will put your future farm or ranch business on a sustainable footing.

Whether you want to work on a farm or ranch or, maybe, own your own farm or ranch business someday, you will benefit from New Cowgirl Camp.

There is good demand for workers in the field of agriculture but it is hard to find people with skills and up-to-date training to fill jobs. New Cowgirl camp will give you a start on building the skills and knowledge you need for farming and ranching jobs of today.

There are many retiring farmers and ranchers who would like to find someone qualified to take over their operations. If you plan to buy, transition into, or create your own farm or ranch business, New Cowgirl Camp will help you prepare. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

New Cowgirl Camp Proposed Curriculum
We are still finalizing the 2018 program. Here is what we have so far:

Day 1: Intro to Holistic Management & Livestock
Morning—Holistic Management Decision-Making, managing for resilience, and creating a Holistic Context™

Early Afternoon—Animal behavior, low-stress livestock handling

Mid to late Afternoon—Testing decisions, feedback loop

Evening—Empowering women in agriculture and the community & campfire social time

Day 2: Business and Financial Planning; Livestock Husbandry
Morning—Holistic Financial Planning

Early Afternoon—Livestock husbandry

Late Afternoon—The One Page Business Plan

Evening—Campfire social time and relationship building

Day 3: Your Land and Facilities; Animal Helpers
Morning—On the ground: Ecosystem, Monitoring, and Diagnosis

Early Afternoon—Dog selection and handling

Mid to late Afternoon—Land and facilities planning and field trip

Evening—Group trip to explore Spokane

Day 4: Intro to Planned Grazing; Farm Skills; Fencing
Morning—Holistic Planned Grazing™

Early Afternoon—Farm skills and fencing

Late Afternoon—Holistic Planned Grazing™, continued

Evening—Campfire social time and celebration of our accomplishments

Day 5: Building Your Team; Equestrian Skills
Morning—Building your team, working together

Early Afternoon—Raising and working with horses

Mid Afternoon—Q&A; your next steps

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