Regenerative Future Planning – Bay Area


Date(s): 09/15/2017
Time: 1:00 pm EST - 4:00 pm EST

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Event byRegenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator

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About: We know the wisdom is in the room. We just need a bigger room!

People across the Bay Area are working to create a regenerative future – one that protects the planet while improving the lives of the beings (people & otherwise!) living on it. Our projects and ideas span society, encompassing education and agriculture and cities and finance and business and transportation and more. 

It is also true that each sector depends on others – agriculture won’t transform without changes in finance; cities need progress in transportation, business, and agriculture; business needs support from government and education; and so on.

Regenerative Future Planning – Bay Area will bring together people engaged in efforts that fall under the broad umbrella of “regenerative”. It will be a deliberately cross-sector assembly. The underlying assumption is that we will be more successful in our individual efforts if we can build on each other’s success.

This event will deliberately build on the progress made by the working groups at the Regenerative Future Summit in Boulder, CO in May. We expect to strengthen the local network, refine our shared language, better understand each other’s efforts, identify opportunities to collaborate, and discuss approaches for future coordination.

We expect about 60 people to participate in a largely discussion-oriented format.

Note that registration ends at 10am on September 14.