Restoration Agriculture Workshop with Mark Shepard | Bluffton, Ohio, USA


Date(s): 09/15/2017 - 09/17/2017
Time: All Day

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Event by: Mark Shepard and Agner Farms 

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About: This Restoration Agriculture Workshop is designed to give the perfect blend of education and experience:

Restoration Ecology 
Principles gleaned from interacting with natural systems and inspiration on how to design a system for you and your land. Topics include

  • Local ecological overview
  • Selection of Perennial Woody Crops
  • Ecology in Business development
  • Transitioning from monoculture to polyculture 
Read the Landscape
Identify and practice those principles with observation and with measuring equipment.Topics include

  • Locating the “Master line” on a site
  • Using a site level
  • Crop spacing and placement
  • Multi-species grazing & Paddock layout 
Tools and strategies for implementing Restoration Agriculture designs including equipment demos and surveying tools.Topics include

  • Equipment selection and operation
  • Witnessing the construction of earthworks such as swales, pocket ponds and drives-throughs that are compatible with USDA guidelines