Urban Soil Summit: Terroir


Date(s): 08/07/2017 - 08/09/2017
Time: All Day

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Event by: Green Gardens Group


About: TERROIR means “a sense of place.” It is a uniqueness created by the symbiotic relationship between the soil microbiome in a particular place with the plants, animals and events that connect to and interact with that soil. Terroir is the ultimate tool for sustainability and resilience. Harnessing the power of Terroir, we can better understand how to honor the past of a particular place and weave a story of future abundance. Over the course of our two day breakfast-to-cocktails gathering, including two incredible parties for networking and socializing, we will explore 4 storylines woven with the emerging science and ancient magic of soil. You’ll never see soil the same way again.

Sacred Soil – The Lakota People say that soil is “who we used to be.”  When we gathered soil from sacred places, such as lynching sites in Alabama or land that a corporation wants to drill for oil, did we know that the soil microbes recorded the memory of the events that happened in that place?

Choosing Terroir  – As urban dwellers, how connected are we to the purchasing choices we make? The soil microbes of a particular place influence the taste and characteristics of food, fiber, water, medicine, and even human well being.  Perhaps the microbes can influence the human mind to choose terroir and protect and regenerate soil.  The next time you select a wine, cheese, chocolate or coffee, think about how you made your decision – Free Will? or Microbes?

Soil Communication – From Adamah (Hebrew for Earth) comes Adam (Hebrew for man); thus starts one of the oldest stories humans tell of their creation.  How do we communicate our deep connection to soil and how does the soil of a particular place influence everything that it contacts (other microbes, plants, animals, humans, and even the weather.) Can we humans talk the plants into harnessing the power of the soil?

Regenerative Society – How do urban dwellers turn mountains of waste into the spark of life that regenerates an entire society, working on farmland, rangelands, and urban landscapes?  Let’s make a plan to grow soil-centric prosperity in America’s negelected communities through the south, “rust belt.” and beyond.

Speakers and Facilitators for each storyline will be announced in Mid-June, so stay tuned!  Until then, meet our Speakers below, and see if you can guess who will be participating in which track.