Webinar – Alpacas as Earth Friendly Livestock


Date(s): 12/06/2016
Time: 6:30 pm

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WEBINAR BY: Center for Ecolonomic Excellence & Development

ABOUT: Alpacas are the best livestock for ecolonomic farming for many places in the world!

That is a pretty bold statement isn’t it! Well, let us show you why that is a true statement as we start our next Ecolonomic Livestock Production Sessions on Tuesday’s.

Let me give you just a few facts about alpacas that might surprise you:

– Alpaca meat is more nutritious than turkey and yet as tasty as beef!
– Alpaca fiber is the softest and most desirable natural fiber in the world!
– Alpacas are not llamas, but they are close “cousins”
– You can grow alpacas in almost any climate in the world!

Much of what we will be discussing about alpacas is also relevant for other smaller ruminants like sheep and goats, so even if you have no interest in alpacas, this could be a good session for you.


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