Wine Grape Soil Fertility Seminar with Neal Kinsey


Date(s): 02/12/2018 - 02/15/2018
Time: All Day

Wine Grape Soil Fertility Seminar with Neal Kinsey
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Event by: Acres USA

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About: Agronomist and renowned soil fertility consultant Neal Kinsey will teach the foundation concepts of the Albrecht soil fertility balancing system as applied to leading vineyards worldwide.

Neal Kinsey makes soil fertility recommendations for hundreds of vineyards on multiple continents. Drawing examples from real-world vineyard soil tests, learn how balanced soil fertility outperforms mere fertility adequacy programs in terms of yield, quality and crop resiliency.

The Albrecht model of the balancing of soil fertility elements – major and minor – as practiced by Neal Kinsey is based on specific sampling and testing methods as well as recognizing the need for balanced and complete nutrition. Obtaining adequate minimum levels of soil fertility elements without regard to the offsetting affect of excesses or imbalances is one of modern agriculture’s greatest faults. Starting with the soil colloid, the “bank” of most fertility elements, Kinsey will explain how elements act and interact on wine grapes in terms of productivity, quality, disease resistance and resilience.

Don’t miss three days of unparalleled learning, then see these teachings put to action with an optional tour (register early!) of four vineyards using these fertility management strategies.

This is a can’t-miss event!