A-Z course on Agroecology with Vandana Shiva | India


Date(s): 09/01/2017 - 09/30/2017
Time: All Day

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Event by: Navdanya

Event websitehttp://www.navdanya.org/site/latest-news-at-navdanya/585-a-z-of-agroecology-organic-food-systems-1-30-september-2017

About: Each of us, whether we are farmers or eaters, faces a choice between two food systems. One is an industrial system based on globalised cooperate control, chemicals and poisons, GMO and patent monopolies & fossil fuels which is contributing to 75% of the planets ecological destruction, wiping out the livelihoods of small farmers and family farms, and creating an epidemic of food style diseases. The second food system is based on strong vibrant local economies, ecological processes that rejuvenate our soil, biodiversity, water. It is based on the suns energy not fossil fuels from the growing to the cooking & processing of food. Organic chemical free & fossil fuels free food systems hold the promise of generating meaningful work while rejuvenating the Earth and addressing problems of health and climate chaos.

Register for courses at: bija@navdanya.net; Delhi: 011-26968077

For 30 years Navdanya has practiced biodiversity and community centred agroecological agriculture that enrich soils, enhances farmers incomes and increases nutrition and health.

The course on A-Z of Agroecology, Biodiversity & Organic Food Systems is an opportunity to learn from the cutting edge ecological research combined with practical experience on Navdanya’s biodiversity farm.

*Bija -living seed, seed conversation, participatory & evolutionary breeding

*Bhu- living soil, soil food web, ecological soil fertility renewal, diverse methods of composting, soil & climate.

*Annam-living food, food and nutrition, hazards of industrial & junk food, Ayurvedic principles of food & nutrition, cooking classes with biodiversity & forgotten foods

*Annapurna- living food economies – from extractive to circular systems, planning transitions from oil-based, poison based systems to living food systems & interaction with local community and farmers.

Faculty will include Dr.Vandana Shiva, Founder Navdanya; Dr. Salvatore Ceccarelli, renowned expert in participatory evolutionary breeding; Dr Av Singh, Agroecology specialist; Dr J.C Tarafdar, Soil Scientist, Prof -Emeritus, Central Arid Zone Research Institute(CAZRI), Jodhpur; Dr Vir Singh, Agroecologist, Prof at G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology; Marylin McHugh & Chris Kennedy, Soil Scientists & Founders of Hummingbird Project; Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Indian soil biologist and ecologist; Dr.V.P Uniyal, specialises in ecology and systematics of pollinators, Prof at Wildlife Institute India; Narsanna Koppula, Permaculture expert & Heads Aranya Agricultural Alternatives; Dr Mira Shiva, Coordinator for IHES & Founder member of Doctors for Food Safety; Ms Maya Guburdhan, Director, Navdanya; Dr Anna Powar, author of Food Ways Navdanya team Dr Vinod Bhatt; Dr R.S.Rawat: D.S Negi and others of Navdanya family.

We will also be joined by: Pablo Solón Romero, served as Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to the United Nations , Valérie Cabanes author of A new Right for the Earth. To end the ecocide, Alberto Acosta Ecuadorian economist & former Minister of Energy and Mining, Ecuador: Lorenzo Fioramonti, author of Gross Domestic Problem: The Politics Behind the World’s Most Powerful Number, Dr. Saamdu Chetri, Executive Director, GNH Centre Bhutan