Become a Partner of RI

Together we can unite the food, farm, climate, environment and economic justice movements and build a global grassroots network dedicated to fixing the world’s climate, hunger and environmental crises through regenerative and organic food, farming and land management.

You can help spread the regeneration message, a message of hope, to even the most remote communities of the world. Join us in building a global grassroots movement.

RI Partner Benefits

•Join an international, collaborative network of like-minded organizations working together to promote regenerative food and farming.

•Expand your own networks and promote your organization’s work through the RI and founding organizations’ global platform.

•Receive occasional email updates with opportunities to collaborate on key campaigns.

•Get help translating and distributing your articles and research in multiple languages via the RI network and our translation and content teams.

•Participate in initiatives organized around the world.

•List your organization on the partner page of website

How to Apply

RI partnership applications are subject to approval by the RI Steering Committee. If your organization or business can help advance the regenerative food, farming and land management movement by filling out this RI Partner Application Form

Building a successful grassroots movement requires engagement and buy-in of the movement’s mission by participating groups. RI offers many avenues for participation, including conferences, campaigns and committee work, and we do our best to actively engage with our partners. The RI Steering Committee reserves the right to revoke partnership status of those groups who choose not to uphold our mission and/or do not make a reasonable effort to participate.

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