Main Street Project

Main Street Project is developing a regenerative agriculture system that can equip farmers to solve our nation’s food crisis and has the power to change how food is produced around the world.

Pasture Cropping: A Regenerative Solution From Down Under

Since the late 1990s, Australian farmer Colin Seis has been successfully planting a cereal crop into perennial pasture on his sheep farm during the dormant period using no-till drilling. As Seis tells the story, the idea for pasture cropping came to him and a friend from the bottom of a beer bottle. Ten of them, in fact.

Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems: Changing the Landscape of Organic Farming in the Palouse Region

Innovative farmers in Washington State are combining the growing of mixed crops with the grazing of sheep, in a tightly integrated system. Their farms are emitting fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and their soil is growing more fertile. Even better, they say they’re making more money than their counterparts who are using conventional and hybrid systems.