Hornbill Hunting Impacts Spread of Forests

Dispersal of seeds in a forest is very important for retaining plant diversity and maintaining the green cover. A study showed that the cutting down of forest trees seemed to have had a direct impact on plant abundance, indirectly affecting hornbill numbers and the seeds dispersed by them.


Onarıcı tarımla uğraşanlar çiftçiliğin, çobanlığın, kırsalda yaşamın, gıda üretiminin “toplumun alt tabakalarına”, “cahillere” layık olduğunu söyleyen ana akım paradigmayla dalga geçen ve önemli kısmı sonradan olma çiftçilerden oluşan genç, yaratıcı, özgürlükçü bir nesil.

We don’t need Ketchum in our Mustard

“There is a violent contest between real knowledge and propaganda, real food and the toxic commodities of industrial agriculture. Commodities being served up with a side of propaganda from a dispenser. Propaganda and this fake food rely on distancing – the producer from the consumer, the knowledge from the farmer – and distancing us from the ability to tell real food from the fake.”

Seed Satyagraha (Civil Disobedience to end Seed Slavery)

While at the global level, corporate control is trying to shape our food and agricultural systems, at the local level hundreds and thousands of farmers and growers, seed savers, seed defenders are saving seeds and working to protect and keep seeds free and fighting laws that undermine our seed sovereignty. Through alliance building and a coordinated approach we can connect the the many voices around the planet, adding strength to the movement of Seed Freedom.