Gabe Brown’s Five Keys to Soil Health

Scientists, and even National Geographic magazine, are banging on Gabe Brown’s door to study how soils are improving on his 2000-hectare property. Their studies find increasing NPK and organic carbon despite no inputs used. To anybody looking in, it’s not just his use of cover crops which is eliminating fertiliser use. Brown promotes five keys to soil health.

Message from Marrakesh: Don’t Mourn, Regenerate!

The first step in global resistance, the first step in regenerating our toxic political, energy, food, farming and land-use system is to broaden our awareness and our consciousness, to break down the walls and the single-issue silos that have held us back from building a truly local-to-global Movement of Movements. Our new Internationale, our new Regeneration Movement, must be powerful and inspirational enough to enable us not only to survive, but to thrive.

Climate Change Destroys Africa’s Beauty

“The most critical help that is needed is not finance,” he said, “it’s the end of fossil fuel development and the end of extractivism – depleting resources and leaving communities in very poor conditions.”

What Does Africa Need to Tackle Climate Change?

Adapting Africa’s agriculture to withstand the impact of climate change requires significant investment. We have the plans, the strategies, the shared knowledge and the examples of best practice. What we really need now is funding to bring solutions such as these to scale.