Carbon Farming & Cutting Food Waste: Climate Solutions That Don’t Require Trump’s Buy-in

Hawken’s new book, Drawdown, points to food and agriculture as hugely important when it comes to both sequestering current greenhouse gases and releasing fewer of them in the first place. From composting and clean cookstoves to managed grazing and multistrata agroforestry, Drawdown makes a compelling case for radically changing the way we eat, farm, and tend to the land.

Adding Animals Adds Profit, Organic Matter for North Dakota Farm

“We must focus on regenerating our resources,” adds Brown. “We have a human health crisis in this country. Partially to blame is the fact that we have degraded our soil ecosystem. If we don’t have a healthy, functioning soil ecosystem, we cannot have nutrient-dense foods. We also have to focus on the soil to heal the carbon and water cycles.”