Scaling-Up Investment into Land Restoration: Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck

Land degradation has long been recognized as a major problem which threatens ecological health, social stability and economic prosperity. For several decades, a series of solutions have been devised and attempted with varying degrees of success. However, efforts to combat land degradation have been hampered by a lack of resources and the sheer scale of the problem.

Soil Superheroes in Children’s Book

Mighty Mini Microbe is smaller than the average superhero. That’s because she represents the billions of tiny soil microbes that play an integral role in soil health. Mighty Mini talks about her adventures in a 24-page children’s/coloring book combo produced by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This Company Wants to Regrow Earth’s Forests With Drones

“With our system, two people will be operating a small swarm of drones, and they will be able to plant 100,000 trees a day,” he said. “If you get 600 teams working around the world, we will be able to plant a billion trees a year — and that’s a scale that makes a difference.”