Interview: Author, Advocate Courtney White Unites Groups at Odds through Regenerative Agriculture

“How do we cross-cut all these concerns with sustainable, regenerative practices? Meaning that it’s not just about ranching, it’s also no-till and technology and solar panels and aquaponics. They all link together in this larger picture of how we manage our future, how we build resilience for what I think we all now understand are pretty big challenges coming down the road.”

On World Soil Day, OCA, IFOAM Laud French Government’s Initiative to Address Climate Change via Carbon Sequestration in Organic Soil

The Organic Consumers Association and IFOAM Organics International praised the French Government’s 4 per 1000 Initiative as the most important climate strategy to come out of the COP21 Paris Climate Talks.

IFOAM – Organics International Joins “4 per 1000” Initiative: Soils for food security and climate

IFOAM – Organics International has joined France’s “4 per 1000” Initiative.

A Message of Hope: Regeneration International at COP21 in Paris

We accomplished our goal in Paris. We helped change the conversation. For the first time, the international community now recognizes the potential for healthy soils to reverse climate change.