The Grain That Tastes Like Wheat, but Grows Like a Prairie Grass

Kernza is sometimes called a “perennial wheat.” But it’s a separate species. Chestnut-colored, skinnier, and more irregular in size than wheat berries, Kernza yields a little under a third as much in the field as conventional wheat. But it has one major advantage over the grain that helped launch human civilization: a long life span.

How A Soap Company is Helping Fix the Broken Food System

The skin-care company Dr. Bronner’s is now investing a surprising amount of time and capital in projects that affect how people eat—from GMO labeling to promoting regenerative agriculture—putting themselves at the forefront of efforts to build a more sustainable food system.

Patagonia Challenges Businesses to Eschew Lax Textile Standards, Support Regenerative Agriculture

“A growing number of corporations, researchers, journalists and practitioners have also started using the term ‘regenerative’ — as well as ‘restorative,’ ‘sustainable,’ ‘ethical,’ and others — almost interchangeably, without any clear sense of what we’re talking about,” Patagonia president and CEO Rose Marcario asserted.